Floor Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Having your carpets cleaned shouldn't inconvenience your schedule and it doesn't have to. Our low moisture cleaning service is proven to provide optimal results, reduce costs by conserving water and energy, and best of all leaves your carpets ready for immediate use!

Grouted Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning

Our low moisture cleaning service is an effective method for deep  cleaning carpet without the inconvenience of getting it wet, and is equally effective with cleaning grouted tile.  

Spot Removal / Odor Eliminator

Spot removal, odor eliminator

For those spots and odors that get deeply absorbed into carpet fibers and require specialized knowledge and products, we offer our Spot Removal and Odor Eliminator services.

"No down time for your home or business"

Green cleaning

Green Cleaning

Our extraction cleaner is an Eco-friendly  product that is a soft natural blend of water and detergents. Using no chemicals it is safe for people, pets, and the environment. Additionally, it is Green Seal certified, EPA registered, USDA certified, and WoolSafe approved.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

We don't just clean carpet, we improve Indoor Air Quality!

We use a three stage filtering system during the cleaning process. Studies have shown that one cleaning reduces dust mites by 78%, dust mite allergens by 75%, cat allergens by 85%, and mold spores by 85%. This feature alone has made our service ideal for retail and hospitality establishments, in medical facilities, and inside homes where respiratory conditions exist.

Energy and water conservation


Did you know that the two highest energy costs in any home or building  are water heating and air conditioning? Eliminate hot water extraction  carpet cleaning methods and you eliminate:

  • Using air conditioning and fans to dry carpet and floors
  • Dehumidifying buildings
  • Treating wastewater
  • Slip and fall liability
  • Mold or microbe remediation
  • Health costs due to poor IAQ
  • Heating water for cleaning