Residential Cleaning Services

Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning

Our Essentials Surface Cleaning service focuses on the most commonly used areas and surfaces in your home. The Essentials Surface Cleaning is the perfect solution to quickly tidy up your home and is ideal for our Recurring Cleaning service.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning

Our Deep Cleaning service scrutinizes your entire house or a specific area. With deep cleaning no surface is left untouched and all surfaces are hand cleaned and polished. This is an ideal service for an after event cleaning, a post construction cleanup, or simply to give you a fresh start.

Move Out / Move In Cleaning

Move out, move in cleaning

Purchasing  or selling a house? Ending or starting a new lease? While you’re busy packing and moving let us take care of the cleaning. We can get your new home ready to move in, get your old home ready for the new residents, and if you rent we can get your home ready for your final walk through.

Recurring Cleaning

Recurring cleaning

With Recurring Cleaning you can conveniently have your home cleaned on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule.

As a recurring cleaning customer you enjoy

a discounted rate on your cleaning service and offered a discounted rate on

carpet cleaning services.

Special Request

Special request

We love to go above and beyond for our customers. If there is a task not listed that will save you time and make life a little easier, we are willing to considerate it. Whether it’s putting dishes in the dishwasher or making a bed,

don't hesitate to ask!

"Service Details"


Green Cleaning

We are an environmentally responsible company that uses products that are safe for people, pets, and the environment.  We do not use aerosol's, and our cleaning products do not contain odor masking agents or chemicals.

Surface cleaning

Essentials Surface Cleaning

 All Rooms

  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Wiping down furniture and tables
  • Switch plates sanitized
  • Trash receptacles emptied and relined
  • Mirrors cleaned


  • Sanitize countertops
  • Scrub & disinfect sink and faucet
  • Clean stove top
  • Clean inside and out of microwave
  • Appliances: wipe down exterior
  • Cabinets: spot clean exterior 
  • Wipe down exterior of dishwasher


  • Clean and sanitize vanity
  • Scrub showers and tubs
  • Sanitize toilets
  • Cabinets: wipe down exterior


  • Tables & Furniture
  • Pictures 
  • Lamps & light fixtures
  • Ceiling fans
  • Ledges
  • Cobwebs
  • Wooden frames 
  • Vents
  • TV/entertainment center


Transformation Deep Cleaning

Our Transformation Deep Cleaning service includes everything the Essentials Surface Cleaning offers and includes the following services:

  • Cabinets: interior
  • Chrome polishing
  • Cleaning interior windows
  • Limestone removal
  • Oven cleaning
  • Spot cleaning walls
  • Wet wiping baseboards
  • Wiping blinds